A hot water system enables us to enjoy warm showers in our Sutherland Shire homes. But what if your relaxing shower is suddenly disturbed by a sudden flow of cold water? Chances are there is a problem with your system.

If you’re living with a large family or several roommates, it could be that the system isn’t built to meet the constant heating needs of the household. There is an option to replace the tank.

However, not all problems come from the amount of usage. There are times when the problem is something else. In this guide, we list the common problems of a hot water system.

A Component of the Hot Water System is Broken

An insulated cylindrical tank is common among electric hot water systems. Along with other parts of the system, it heats the water. You can imagine the tank as a big kettle, with the addition of insulation to keep the water hot for longer periods of time. When you use the water, cold water will flow to the tank, and a reheating procedure occurs.

If a part responsible for heating water breaks down, that’s when you’ll get the cold water during your showers. The system cannot work efficiently with one component broken.

The Thermostat is Defective

During hot water repairs in Sutherland Shire, our professional plumbers often find out that the thermostat is broken. This part is responsible for signaling the other components when to heat the water up. It keeps track of the temperature as well.

Most hot water systems will have two elements and thermostats. The former parts do not work at the same time. Beginning with the upper half followed by the lower. The thermostat at the top serves as the coordinator of both elements. Once the water hits the right temperature, the lower thermostat gets triggered. It can detect if the water’s temperature is not enough. In this case, it signals the lower element to heat the water up. When any of these parts are broken, the water can be too hot or cold.

The system has a leak

You should call your Sydney plumber if you suspect a leak in your hot water tank or its connected pipes. This problem is the common reason behind the hot water shortage. A plumber can check what’s necessary to repair the leak.

The pressure valve releases the pressure built up within the tank when the water is too hot. It’s like steam that releases out the kettle’s spout when the water is already at boiling point. It is the possible cause of the water and moisture that adds up around the tank.

In case you notice a lot of water surrounding the electric hot water system, you need to switch the switchboard off at once. This is because the combination of water and electricity is dangerous. Call us immediately.

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